Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't Sit Still

Flirting In Red #20121
November is all about preparing for Thanksgiving and holiday shopping and diving in with both feet into the spirit of the season. Garnets and rose colored quartz are just so very festive. And in Swarovski crystal burgundy just shines and is sure to catch the eye.  That's why we chose to focus on those warm colors of the heart.  And the charity we are pairing these works with is one close to our hearts. American gem Michael J. Fox has a wonderful record of pushing through advances in order to find a cure for Parkinson's.  We are donating 25% of all we do this month to Michael J. Fox's Foundation For Parkinson's Research.

"Orange you Glad" #20122
According to their website, as recent as November 14th they were published for their  study, published online in Annals of Neurology, the researchers interviewed 99 twin pairs in which one twin had Parkinson's Disease while the other did not. The interviews focused on each individual’s work history and hobbies. The researchers were probing for situations that would have exposed individuals to the solvents perchloroethylene (PERC), carbon tetrachloride (CCI4) — both commonly used dry cleaning agents — and TCE. TCE was banned by the Food and Drug Administration in 1977. It once was used in dry-cleaning solutions, adhesives, paints, carpet cleaners, as a metal degreaser and as an anesthetic, skin disinfectant, and coffee decaffeinating agent, among other uses. TCE is also the most common organic contaminant in groundwater, and is found in up to 30% of drinking water supplies across the United States. (In September, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that TCE was also carcinogenic.)

Several studies have linked an individual’s exposure to solvents with an increased risk of Parkinson's Disease. But the Goldman Tanner study is the first to report population-based findings data on the relationship between TCE exposure and Parkinson's Disease.

To date, no definitive cause for Parkinson's Disease has been discovered, yet environmental factors may in fact trigger the disease and have long been the focus of intense interest among Parkinson’s researchers. Michael J. Fox's Foundation (MJFF) has funded multiple studies into environmental factors believed to play a role in Parkinson's Disease research, including a portion of the work being carried out by Tanner and Goldman.

Other studies include:
  • A 2006 grant to the Harvard School of Public Health was the first large scale study to examine the possible links between chronic, low-dose exposure to pesticides and PD risk. Data showed that individuals reporting exposure to pesticides had a 70 percent higher incidence of PD than those who did not.
  • This past May, a team of researchers headed by Dr. Brad Racette of Washington University in St. Louis reported final outcomes of their work investigating how exposure to metals might lead to a higher risk for PD. Racette’s team studied 600 welders across the world, finding that, according to Positron emission tomography (PET) scans, welders had an average 11.7 percent reduction in a marker of the chemical dopamine compared to those who did not weld (Dopamine is decreased in certain brain regions in people with PD).
All this according to the wonderful work described when you go visit MJFF's website at Yay Michael. We celebrate your devotion to a cure the best way we know how: with our pledged support.  You can help too by donating directly or purchasing one of our One-Of-A-Kind pieces as a gift (or gifts) this holiday season.  Check out our latest creations at by doing a search for -- Missing Links Lisa Lindo --.

Never too early to get those gifts on their way for the holidays.  And our best to you and yours.

Lisa Lindo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview Reprint: Los Angeles Times

It's a packed night in Hollywood and the neighborhood's newest club, the Highlands, is crawling with industry folks. This is talent agent Lisa Lindo's party. For the past eight years, she has hosted this annual networking night for deal-hungry agents, producers, financiers, film distribution and script development reps who attended the Sundance Film Festival but didn't finish schmoozing.
(Lindo Exclusive, 2010)
This year's fete was believed to be the largest yet, with more than 1,500 gathering at the mammoth, multilevel club overlooking Hollywood Boulevard. The music is loud and the club is dark on this Monday night, but Lindo, in a knee-length suede coat and colorful beads, turns heads wherever she goes. She ushers people in with: "Go make friends."


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interview Reprint: Castles & Estates Magazine

(Castles&, 2007)
“Retired? Hmmmm.” The smile is infectious, but her words carry the weight of conviction of someone
who knows whereof she speaks. With a rich anecdotal style, and a loving eye, this lady-a-lounging starts to paint the picture that will become the next couple months of her life leading directly up to, and  including, her forray into the fortnight-du-Cannes. “I’m like Dennis Hopper in those commercials,” Lindo exclaims. “Only younger... and a helluva lot curvier!” she quickly adds with a wink. With seemingly unlimited resources of energy, impeccable personal style, a towering joi-de-vivre and a shrewd eye for all-things-beautiful, the youthful 42 year-old Lisa Lindo, former CEO and founder of Acme Talent & Literary (the 14 year old Hollywood talent agency) gives new meaning to the word “retirement.” From her Hawaiian hacienda just down the road from Oprah and overlooking the  twin-peninsulas of Maui, Lindo now runs a mini-empire of promotions, advertising and international special-events, focusing around the film-festival circuit.


Monday, October 3, 2011

I Heart Snow

'I Heart Snow' (#420)

For the newest collection from Missing Links, we've collaborated with celebrity infused social action campaign 'Green Means Go' which celebrates the tenants of Earth Day, every day.

#420, 'I Heart Snow,' with its multiple strands of white crystal seed beads and Silver Heart, Silver Leaf and Crystal Hanging Pearl Pendant, reminds us that we love the bright white cuteness of a polar bear cub and treasure that they are not yet completely extinct.  The United States is blessed with a great variety of awe-inspiring landscapes from coast to coast. The National Wildlife Federation is working to protect these extraordinary places that are critical to the survival of America's wildlife so please bid generously.

Polar bear by Lois Settlemeyer
(National Wildlife Federation, 2011)
LIKE MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS, Lois Settlemeyer traveled to Churchill, Manitoba, last year to see and shoot polar bears. She writes, “Since the early 1980s, the Churchill polar bear population has decreased 22 per cent and the decline has been directly linked to the ice breakup on Hudson Bay. Polar bears depend on sea ice for food and for survival. Climate change threatens their very existence.” The Washington State resident used a Canon EOS 40D and a 70-300mm lens for this portrait.

This is just one of the many one-of-a kind handcrafted pieces you can see and read about at:

Missing Links, a Limited Edition line from Lindo Exclusive, was created to combine art with philanthropy and sustainability.  25% of each and every sale from the "Green Means Go" Exhibit goes to the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization National Wildlife Federation of the United States, because what better gift is there then a a necklace from Missing Links that works to protect our wildlife.

Each month, we are proud to spotlight a DIFFERENT charity and focus awareness to raise funds through wearable art.  Each piece inspires and evokes dialogue about the regions and histories of these semiprecious stones.  Whether a gift for you, or someone you care about, your purchase lets you feel good about being fashion forward while making the world a more beautiful place.

Thank you for coming and learning.  And please share.  These are great causes to support.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loving Animals Part Deux - Saving Tigers

(World Wildlife Library, 2011)
Discovering the tiger's eye stone and its properties has led us on a quite a journey.  We didn't know that tigers were disappearing from the earth rapidly. According to Huffington Post:  "Their numbers have dwindled to about 400 from 1,000 in the 1970s, and that according to the World Wildlife Fund, which set up cameras in Riau and Jambi provinces just three months ago to keep track of these treasured cats."

In support of the work being done by WWF, we began to create our new "Eye Of The Tiger" Series for the World Wildlife Fund's Save Tigers Now global campaign sponsored by Leonardo DiCaprio. Working together with the Smithsonian, their goal is to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

Tigers are at a tipping point -- the point at which they can go either way in the wild: survival or extinction. Sumatran tigers are on the brink of extinction because of the destruction of forests, poaching and clashes with humans. This, the most iconic species on our planet, the one ingrained in our religions and in our cultures, could be gone forever.

So in 2010, the last Year of the Tiger, Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up with WWF, and the Smithsonian, to create the Save Tigers Now campaign. 

What has STN done lately?  Well...
(World Wildlife Fund, 2011)

  • New Tiger Cub Stamp Will Generate Funds for Wildlife Conservation May 12
    The Save Vanishing Species stamp is a new semi-postal stamp designed to raise money to help protect endangered wildlife, including tigers, rhinos and marine turtles. The stamp features an Amur tiger cub and is the result of a 10-year effort begun and led by WWF, in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Postal Service and other international conservation organizations.  So please go buy these stamps and save a species and a habitat.  For the latest PSA from WWF:
Solutions are being worked on now:  

Highlights from 'Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of the World's Tigers: 2005-2015'
WWF, Save the Tiger Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society and the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park collaborated on the most comprehensive scientific study of tiger habitats to date. We found that tigers reside in 40 percent less habitat than they were thought to a decade ago and now occupy only seven percent of their historic range.

About the study
  • This is the most comprehensive report on the state of wild tigers ever produced and serves as a roadmap to guide conservation investors, practitioners, development agencies and governments as to actions needed to save wild tigers.
  • Tiger conservation landscapes (TCLs) - an area with sufficient habitat for at least five tigers and where tigers have been confirmed to occur in the last 10 years - were assessed and 76 identified across Asia.
  • TCL's were then prioritized by analyzing three data sets:
    • land cover derived from satellite images;
    • human interference data based on a previous global human footprint analysis; and
    • tiger distribution records from on-the-ground tiger sightings and signs, gathered from more than 3,000 tiger location points and input from 160 of the world's leading tiger conservation experts.
Important findings
  • Tigers occupy just seven percent of their historic range.
  • Tigers use 40 percent less area than was estimated in the first habitat assessment, completed in 1995 and published in 1997.
  • A large area of habitat remains (>1.1 million km2).
  • Four strongholds were found that can support more than 500 tigers:
    • Russian Far East-Northeast China,
    • Terai Arc Landscape of India and Nepal,
    • Northern Forest Complex-Namdapha-Royal Manas (Bhutan/Myanmar/India) and
    • Tenasserims of Thailand and Myanmar.
  • Just 23 percent of tiger conservation landscapes are protected.
(World Wildlife Fund, 2011)

Recommendations to ensure a future for tigers
  • Create human-tiger friendly landscapes that offer both core protected areas, surrounded by buffer zones where tigers can raise their young and allow humans and tigers to co-exist, and provide corridors that will connect tigers to other core protected areas.
  • Increase conservation investment. Between 1998 and 2003, US$23.3 million was invested in all tiger conservation landscapes, with the two most significant donors being WWF and Save the Tiger Fund.
  • Improve conservation across international borders - 18 of the tiger conservation landscapes are transboundary.
  • Essential goals for the next 10 years:
    • Secure tiger populations in all global-priority tiger landscapes;
    • Obtain reserve status for 10 places with unprotected breeding tiger populations;
    • Establish at least five tiger habitat "corridors" between fragmented tiger conservation landscapes.
    • Expand the range of breeding tigers in at least five priority tiger conservation landscapes.
  • Implement a holistic conservation strategy. This should engage regional development organizations, government officials, NGO's and businesses to consider tiger conservation needs in national and regional development plans.
Learn more at Visit to learn about the threats facing tigers and how you can help, or maybe even symbolically adopt a tiger.

We at Missing Links are proud to donate 20% of our proceeds to WWF during the month of May on all items purchased from our "Eye of the Tiger" series.

You can check 'em out at these links...
Inner Circles #802:

Tiger's Eye Beholder #803

All Eyes #804

Princess of the Forest #805

Eyes of Tigers #806

Trees For Tigers #807

Purchase an heirloom, save a tiger.  ;-)

(World Wildlife Fund, 2011)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild about Wild Life

(The Talking Parrot, 2011)
April has been all about learning more about our furry and feathered friends, and focusing on each of them in their purity and disappointingly low numbers. What can we do? We see the oil spills and the the pollution and it is really hard to know what to do. Well, one of the first charities we are choosing to focus on is The National Wildlife Federation or

And so we continue this month showing our pieces around the world. Carecrafted necklace (#422), which was part of the "Green Means Go" Exhibit from the Limited Edition Collections at Missing Links, went for $125 American to an anonymous buyer from the store Pedestrian as a gift for his love. The Talking Parrot, with its iconic Talisman has traveled from St. Croix to Maui and almost everywhere in between, and began it's life as part of a keychain, so it meets the criteria of repurposing, too.

The World is blessed with a great variety of awe-inspiring landscapes from coast to coast to coast. The National Wildlife Federation is working to protect these extraordinary places that are critical to the survival of America's wildlife.

Scientists are working far and wide and have helped to save some of the strangest and most endangered birds in the world from extinction. The kakapo, for instance, was facing extinction due to man's invasion of its habitat.

(National Wildlife Federation, 2011)
Experts in Glasgow have been instrumental in helping to boost its numbers by developing a food supplement to improve its breeding potential.

Environmental factors such as habitat clearance and the introduction of predatory animals caused numbers of the breed to dwindle to only 51 in 1995.
Kakapos breed infrequently as they feed their young on the fruits of the pink pine and rimu trees, which produce fruit every two to six years - so kakapos can only breed then.

During the years in between, the kakapo's natural diet consists of coarse leaves, grasses and herbs, which lack adequate nutrients for rearing chicks. 

You can be assured that 25% of the proceeds were set aside to help these beautiful citizens of nature remain for our children and their grandchildren to enjoy by reforesting and attempting to create safe safer havens for these birds to exist.

Looking to do more? National Wildlife Federation is currently recruiting volunteers for restoration and planting events, wildlife monitoring and surveillance and public speaking and education about the Gulf oil spill's impacts specifically and the importance of healthy wildlife habitats.

You can find out more:

You Can Help Restore The Balance Of Nature.  You Really Can.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raising The Roof on Emotional Consciousness

At the fabulous Grand Room Theatre in Maryland for my gal pal's film 

The Brookturn Co. & Missing Links 
celebrates all things  
Linking Art To Philanthropy and Sustainability 
with this private screening of "FreezerBurn The Movie" 
(starring Rachel Hunter, David Faustino, Rochelle Balin, Robert Hays, and Hal Linden 
among many others).
Light Refreshments Served
(On The Set Of FreezerBurn, 2011)
Before and after guests were treated to an advanced viewing of our latest confections prepared for, and to be presented finally in, Cannes at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.  ;-*  Our 'Yes Oui Cannes'  Limited Original Collection is full of sparkly goodies that are to be auctioned during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in order to benefit our featured organization for the month of May, We Want Peace. 

While we are promoting through facebook and welcome all virtual attendees, physical space to this private screening and philanthropic virtual trunk show was limited to 25 people, so thank you for joining us here as well for the philanthropic virtual version of our trunk show.  The future is so here now. Enjoy the video.

It was a Beautiful Sunday for it.

Happy you can share it with us here.  The cherry blossoms are out everywhere now....
(, 2011)

Lisa Lindo
Designer & CEO
Missing Links

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mazel Tov to the newest tiny warrior

Doing a good deed for a new arrival...

(Lindo Exclusive, 2011)
Commissions available upon request.

Lisa Lindo

Friday, February 4, 2011

We've Got Plenty Of Something

For years we've been accumulating, and acquiring, through acquisition after acquisition an agglomeration of beads.

Turquoise and yellow turquoise, carved beads.
Amassing stones and stockpiling them into congeries, securing a selection of semi-precious gems and crafted ceramic or glass blown beads made for colorful surprises when opening containers oft left dusty in a backroom. Sometimes lined with silver, or cut from naturally occurring elk horn we added only the genuine and unique, like naturally occurring Koa wood, or Freshwater pearls from restocking farms.   

Searching for more of a classic keepsake,
the eye will pause on beige.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, for almost a decade, shopping bags came home only to embarrassingly compile them into a mess of jars next to batches of assorted boxes, clumps of baskets and Martha Stewart storage cases.

Shopping trips usually served to amass anthologies of off the beaten track stories and an assemblage of adventures,  bringing together the needs to form a company and start bringing crowd attention to issues while offering something sparkly in exchange.

Lengths of luscious color
So very lucky to have one of the rarest and most valuable collections of beads, stones, and materials. Consider a Valentine's piece from Australian South Sea pearls mixed with golden South Sea pearls from the Philippines and Indonesia. 

If it is a custom-length necklace you are looking for, we offer pieces by the inch. Any length is possible, from 12 inches for an infant, to 200 inches for a red-carpet look.
(Maui Bead Shop, 2011)

Because one-of-a-kind is the meme, we are perfect for someone wanting to create their own piece, or simply looking for a lovely way to stand out an event.  

You'll be sure to get a compliment when your individual style is spotlighted.  Since 25% goes to charity, when someone tells you your pretty, you can tell them it's on the inside as well by sharing and introducing them to the cause you helped.

no one else will be wearing the Missing Link that you found, as no two of our pieces are the same.  So enjoy the ride, and check in often.

Lisa Lindo
EBay key words "Lisa Lindo Missing Links"

Monday, January 31, 2011

February is Black History Month

Tomorrow starts our February collection, “His Story, Her Story, We all scream for History!” which will benefit the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization FOADAC (The Foundation For Orphaned, Abandoned, Disabled, African Children) supported by celebrities, including Shirley Jones, Maroon 5, Jay Leno, and Sam Sarpong. 

What were your plans for Valentine's Day?  Here's your chance to spread some love while showing your love.  

(Missing Links, 2011)


Check out our Ebay listings this month:

Click Here For Updated Ebay Listing For Missing Links


We'll add new unique pieces available on auction often, so enjoy shopping.


Lisa Lindo ~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Being Worthy of Honey Foxy Cleopatra

Hi and welcome.

If you are just getting introduced to our work, let's get you up to speed. ;-)

Dax and I at The Four Seasons, Wailea, Maui
Back in 2003, Missing Links started off as unique jewelry pieces for my ailing furchild, Baroness Jadzia Dax of McFarland. While living in Maui, I'd been beading for myself, yet the most popular pieces I made were for doggies. At the time, my dog was a 9 year old maltese who was fabulously rounding the bend to 10. Of course, I couldn't help but spoil her to death with crystals and shells, garnets and adorable charms. She pranced when we wore them, people complimented her often, and soon enough we started getting orders for commissioned pieces whenever we went out together. 
Dax in Ohio as we drove cross country to move to D.C.

(VintageBlooms, 2011)
She had a nice setup in Maui with her own flower garden spotted with planting beds that were rimmed with volcanic oversized boulders we had found all over our property. We grew lavender, roses, pansies poking out of a forest of old tennis shoes, and gave her plenty to stir her senses. These vibrant colors influenced most of my work and bead shopping.  Dax had walking paths, a miniature statue garden of budhas, angels, ceramic frogs and even a tree tunnel made up of a combination of wild blackberries, night blooming jasmine, and a kukui nut tree. She was fenced in with a carefully designed and planted flowering medley of alchemist elements and constantly budding life.  A living fence, that she would stop at in different points, take a deep breath, generally enjoyed her Maui lifestyle. We spent alot of time there looking out at the bicoastal island view in the distance, just meditating on the meaning of life. She had had cancer surgery, had heart problems, and doctors gave her a few months at best, so I had moved her to paradise to end her days.  But no one told Dax about the schedule, and we lived there for 3 years like this before moving to Washington D.C. in 2009.  
But I digress.
(VintageBlooms, 2011)

(SketchedSpring, 2011)
The necklaces were a hit, and that led to the creation of my Pretty Paws line.  What's Pretty Paws?  Pretty Paws is one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry made from world traveled semi-precious stones for the Fashion Hound in your life.  When mommy owners realized I could make matching anklets, they stopped borrowing their dogs pieces and matched up in style. 

My wonderful best friend and all around "me too kid" passed on on November 3rd, 2011 so February 3rd will have been 3 months. It's been rough going, but when I get sad, I think of all the wonderful things she was able to do in her life.  Of course, I hadn't made a doggie necklace since November.  Now, I've been commissioned to make my first puppy blingwear for Honey Foxy Cleopatra, the neighbor's new puppy.  She's adorable. Smart, inquisitive, attentive, and breathtakingly cute.  Coming on 8 weeks now.  And her mother's from Jamaica, so the journey for the art is specific. I'm back to sparkling up four legged lives everywhere, and am creating matching anklets for the mommas out there who like to strut with their mutt.

(Pretty Paws, 2011)

Can't wait to try it on Honey.  Thanks for checking in with Missing Links.

Lisa Lindo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Missing Links Has Arrived In Washington D.C.

Woke up to find this fabulous write-up on our philanthropic jewelry line on the Front Page of Washington Life:

(Missing Links, 2011)

Now, I've finally arrived, in fashion, in Washington D.C.  And since you are visiting my blog, you get a sneak peak at some video we caught on the Flip of the interview itself:

(Washington Life Interview, 2011)

Since then, our email box has been full and the phone's been ringing off the hook (not that we have hooks anymore, lol) with requests to set up private viewings.  We'll be working on a piece for a client's wedding, and companion sister pieces for her family.

It's the best job in the world when you love what you do.  Let me know if you have any broken baubles that mean alot but can't be worn anymore, and we'll see if we can turn them back into a wearable family heirloom.

I'm off to finish a doggie necklace for the neighbors new 7 week old puppy.  ;-)

 Honey Foxy Cleopatra at 7 weeks

She's going to be beautiful in hot pink crystals. More to come...

Lisa Lindo
Linking Art To Philanthropy and Sustainability
Ebay keyword search:  'Lisa Lindo Missing Links'
or email us at

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Global Green USA?

Did you know...
"Global Green USA has been working to rebuild New Orleans with their Holy Cross Project.  Global Green has assembled a highly skilled and dedicated project team of national experts paired with local professionals with the goal of transferring knowledge to ultimately make green expertise indigenous to New Orleans. Through the Holy Cross Project, Global Green is committed to:
  • Creating a green model or showcase for development and rebuilding for New Orleans, and green affordable housing in the US;
  • Ensuring the sustainability and long term affordability of the Project’s housing units for residents, and socioeconomic fabric of the neighborhood through the center;
  • Educating NOLA residents, the Gulf Coast and broader American public through the Project’s visitors center, NOLA resource center, and website about the benefits of green building.
  • Advancing smart solutions to global warming that both benefit communities and engage stakeholders in building will for action
(Global Green, 2011)
After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the inadequate response of the US Government, Global Green made a dedicated commitment to sustainable building in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  Through their green affordable housing community the Holy Cross Project, our Build It Back Green initiative - they are educating residents on how to rebuild in a healthy green way, and through their work on greening schools throughout the area, Global Green is committed to creating a green model for the development and rebuilding of New Orleans.

Learn more...

Lisa Lindo
Missing Links supports Global Green USA
Ebay key search words:  'Lisa Lindo Missing Links'
25% of each purchase during the month of January goes to Global Green USA

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Capitol Hemp Carrying Missing Links in D.C.

So my hemp activist girlfriend (and film director), Melissa Balin, was in town and dragged me to a fabulous store in D.C., Capitol Hemp.  I was fascinated.  They had great winter jackets made of Hemp, lined with faux fur made of Hemp.  They had all sorts of reading options and educational material on how Hemp Can Save The Planet, and, after checking out a few of my blown glass jewelry pieces, they told me if I could make some necklaces out of hemp, they would carry them in their store.

Well, I instantly stocked up on Hemp twine in yellow, orange, red, brown, and in a tannish color which seems to be the most natural of the options.  It was really difficult work, and my finger tips still are a little sensitive, but they came out fabulous.  Each piece is littered with semi-precious stones and celebrates the use of the hemp with tassels, beads created from hemp, or basic knots in between the stones.  I wish now that I had taken some photos before they purchased them from me, but you can find them by stopping by and visiting Capitol Hemp in Adams Morgan at:

Washington, DC has Capitol Hill, and now it has Capitol Hemp- two stores 
dedicated to offering the highest quality products made from Industrial Hemp.

1802 Adams Mill Road, NW  
downstairs from the Starbucks.

or you could visit their other store in Chinatown
519 H Street, NW

So, now, I'm officially stocked in a store in D.C.  Hemp, hemp, hooray!  Much more to come.

Lisa Lindo
Ebay search words 'Lisa Lindo Missing Links'
or emails us at:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behind The Scenes With Missing Links

So excited and waiting for the edit of our very first promo for Missing Links shot by Crawford Multimedia and directed by Melissa Balin.  Meanwhile, here's some "B" roll footage of the shoot.


Missing Links connects Art & Philanthropy

January 18, 2011- WASHINGTON D.C. –  Promoting, sustainability, female entrepreneurship and a commitment to a lower carbon footprint, Missing Links announces it will use eBay, blogging, facebook, Twitter and the new to inspire "Solutionary Gifting Circles" (TM) online as well as hosted eco-friendly, conflict-free, social shopping circles in neighborhoods worldwide!

Missing Links Jewelry specializes in creating custom sustainable pieces of wearable art with tremendous sentimental value to the owner.  They combine one-of-a-kind center accents from India, Thailand, Paris, Amsterdam, St. Tropez, New York, and Maui with their clients’ special dreams, hopes and whimsies incorporated into what will surely become an heirloom piece.

Lisa Lindo explains the concept behind Missing Links as a Limited Edition line for Lindo Exclusive, “Each month, we are proud to spotlight a DIFFERENT charity and focus awareness to raise funds through wearable art. Each One-of-a-Kind piece inspires and evokes dialogue about the regions and histories of these semi precious stones. Whether a gift for you, or someone you care about, your purchase lets you feel good about being fashion forward while making the world a more beautiful place.”

One-of-a-Kind pieces from the collections can be found on eBay starting Saturday, January 15, 2011 under search words: “Lisa Lindo” and “Missing Links”.

25% of every sale goes to benefit a different 501(c)3 non-profit organization each month.  Their first collection, the "She Sells Seashells By The Seashore" Exhibit, debuted in January 2011, with proceeds going to the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Global Green USA, supported by celebrities, including Sheryl Crow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rosario Dawson, Heather Graham, Rosie Perez and Maria Menounos.  The February collection, “His Story, Her Story, We all scream for History!” will benefit the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization FOADAC (The Foundation For Orphaned, Abandoned, Disabled, African Children) supported by celebrities, including Shirley Jones, Maroon 5, Jay Leno, and Sam Sarpong.  Look forward to the March collection, “World Peace, It’s Not Just For Beauty Pageants Anymore!” benefiting World Peace One, which will debut during the Magic Las Vegas Trade Fair, February 14 – 16, 2011.

#   #   # 

For more information on Lisa Lindo and Missing Links, please visit or e-mail

For more information on Global Green USA, visit

For more information on FOADAC, please visit

For more information on World Peace One, please visit

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Global Green USA: Our Spotlight For January

What a crazy beginning to this year. Good things and sad news things and all I can think of to do is put one foot in front of the other and work to make things better every day.  Spreading messages of hope and sharing whatever I learn with others brings a yin to the loud yang of the news, helping to feel like we can still make a difference.  Like I can make a difference.

So far in 2011, we've had private showings in Los Angeles, Maui, New York and D.C. for the pieces being auctioned to benefit Global Green for the month of January.  Global Green USA ( is the only national environmental non-profit headquartered in Southern California with offices in New Orleans, Washington DC, and New York, and is one of over 31 national GCI affiliates throughout the world to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future by reconnecting humanity with the environment.

We look forward to your continued suggestions of causes we should spotlight in the future, and communities that you would like to see carry Missing Links.

Traveling around, it is so clear that everywhere I go we are universally sharing the need for Peace, calling out to an end to senseless violence.  Yes, I'm a peacenik.  It's more important than ever to speak loudly these days about your beliefs, your hopes for change.  Or at the very least, incorporate your beliefs into the way you choose to make money.  Right?

Well, it turns out, without really meaning to do so, I've been collecting things.  In my desire to learn about what kind of good is already being done in the world, I collected stories, shopping adventures, jars, and containers, and tools and books.   Wherever I went, I always managed to make time to dash away and discover whatever vintage jewelry shop or local beadery might be open. 

I made a hobby out of working with semi-precious stones (since 2003 actually), and started sitting with artists and beaders from Holland to Hawaii, studying color choice and adding bags of brightly colored beautiful bits to my collection.  Gathering seed beads, hammered silver, items of pewter, beach glass and gems that make me just blush, like Garnets and Citrine.  My first teacher started out the first class by saying, "Never go shopping for beads unless you have a lot of time, and a lot of money."  Lucky for me, I had both.  And I'll go more than a few extra miles to find that intimate item I can add to our collection of odds and ends, ribbons and starfish, dreams and causes. Often pleasantly surprised that the walk itself swept me into adventures I would never have had otherwise.  But those stories are for another time.

When I moved to D.C., I decided to round up all the different hiding places I had filled with my sparkly divalicously decadent loot.  Now, surrounded by rainbows of carvings and facets, I have to say, I could open a bead store myself and probably not run out of stock for years.  ;-)

I believe in working with sustainable materials, stones I've carried around with me as I go, adding to my jars and baskets, bowls and boxes of stones, pearls, glass beads and art beads and Czech glass, and silver lined beads, and blown glass pieces, items made from discarded elk horn, just amazing how the wide range of colors and textures grew and grew.  It's from these elements and intentions that all of our Missing Links items are born and seeing the response from all of you is so very encouraging. 

Our next private showing (snow or shine) will be Wednesday, January 12, 2011 in Baltimore, MD.  To receive an exclusive invitation, or even if you are unable to attend, please "like" our facebook page:

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & eBay auction

Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2011 bring health, wealth and happiness.

For those of you who I haven't spoken to in forever, I've moved to Washington D.C. to produce Shepard Fairey's VOTE FOR CHANGE Redux. It's been exciting and worthwhile work, juxtaposing all these incredible clips of celebs sharing what their hopes for change were back in 2008 against what we've accomplished so far. With so much Change manifesting at the end of 2010, I am approaching the 2 years ahead of us with relish!

November 3rd a great deal changed with the passing of my animal companion of 16 years, Baroness Jadzia Dax of McFarland, who most of you knew as Dax. In her later days, I took to making her glamorous necklaces to wear when she would gad about town. Little purse dogs all over were visited by Pretty Paws Presents and adorned with one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry made from world traveled semi-precious stones and they were pitched as perfect accessories for the "Fashion Hound" in your life. They were elegant and she would get compliments all the time, leading to commission pieces and word of mouth orders.

That was just a couple months ago now and so many beautiful cards and thoughtful sentiments have come from all directions from those who remembered my gorgeous furchild. Dax had traveled everywhere, been backstage at The Lion King on Broadway, loved going to the theatre, lived in Maui, drove cross country, and was such a personality she received her own invitations to parties. The very loved and very famous Baroness Jadzia Dax has been memorialized by contributions from friends to veterinary schools, various animal charities, and the Humane Society.

December came, I turned 46 smashing all champagne records with really good old chums and lifelong pals in Manhattan, NY, and made all sorts of resolutions to start machining my intentions into action items of activism moving forward.  To that end, in lieu of any other gifts and donations, I would like to focus your support on my newest philanthropic venture in both mine and Dax's names:

Missing Links, a Limited Edition line from Lindo Exclusive, was created to combine art with philanthropy and sustainability. 25% of each and every sale from the our first January collection, the "She Sells Seashells By The Seashore" Exhibit, goes to the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Global Green USA, supported by some of our favorite celebrities, including Sheryl Crow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rosario Dawson, Heather Graham, Rosie Perez and Maria Menounos.

Each month, we are proud to spotlight a DIFFERENT charity and focus awareness to raise funds through wearable art. Each piece inspires and evokes dialogue about the regions and histories of these semiprecious stones. Whether a gift for you, or someone you care about, your purchase lets you feel good about being fashion forward while making the world a more beautiful place.

So, my friends old and new, if you are feeling generous and looking for a perfect sentimental, heirloom gift, you can bid for these one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art, handcrafted by yours truly, on eBay NOW at
Keyword search: Lisa Lindo Missing Links
Please feel free to email me personally at to commission a custom piece, recommend a philanthropic cause close to your own heart, or to volunteer some good old-fashioned spin-doctoring to help put Missing Links on the top tastemaking trends of 2011!

Other ways that you can show your support that won't cost you a thing:

*Or Tell A Friend... ;-) -- (you could always hit forward on this email... ;-)...)

Former National Administrator for USACAN
Producer: Shepard Fairey's VOTE FOR CHANGE Redux

Linking Art to Philanthropy & Sustainability