Friday, December 31, 2010

Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines!

"Venetian Heart of Gold"
Venetian Gold/Brun Cut Glass (photo taken at
ACN Entreprenurial Spirit award event)
Thanks to ACN Regional Vice President, Leanne Gabriel, for inviting Missing Links to participate in their Entrepreneurial Spirit Award event in the Washington DC Metro Area.

I am still basking in the glow of a lovely evening and delighted at the opportunity to introduce my line to their guests.  Everyone was festive and kind.  Happy Almost New Year, to all.
The fabulous and friendly Executive Team Member, Karen Casey, won the silent auction, and is now the proud owner of three Missing Links and one-of-kind pieces. Congratulations Karen!  Your generosity in philanthropy will surely make for a great conversation starter when complimented on your sustainable style!
Here's to 2011!!!  See you on the other side.  ;-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Missing Links: FOUND


MISSING LINKS is a unique hand-fashioned jewelry line made from world traveled semi-precious stones. Pieces are partnered with an inspiring parable and social action campaign providing missing links between art, philanthropy, & sustainability.

Please join us on a journey of exploration of relevant issues, social change & sustainability, all while looking and feeling fabulous!  Follow our blog and Twitter to find out where our "Solutionary Gifting Circles" (TM) will be taking place online and how to host one of these eco-friendly, conflict-free, social shopping circles in your own town!

Join our Facebook Fanpage for MISSING LINKS FOUND... and come visit us often.  ;-)

Feel free to contact us for special orders.  We delight in creating custom sustainable pieces of wearable art with tremendous sentimental value to the owner.  We combine one-of-a-kind center accents from India, Thailand, Paris, Amsterdam, St. Tropez, New York, and Maui with our client's special dreams, hopes and whimsies incorporated into what will surely become an heirloom piece.

May your day be filled with Beauty!

Lisa Lindo
Designer & CEO