Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild about Wild Life

(The Talking Parrot, 2011)
April has been all about learning more about our furry and feathered friends, and focusing on each of them in their purity and disappointingly low numbers. What can we do? We see the oil spills and the the pollution and it is really hard to know what to do. Well, one of the first charities we are choosing to focus on is The National Wildlife Federation or nwf.org.

And so we continue this month showing our pieces around the world. Carecrafted necklace (#422), which was part of the "Green Means Go" Exhibit from the Limited Edition Collections at Missing Links, went for $125 American to an anonymous buyer from the store Pedestrian as a gift for his love. The Talking Parrot, with its iconic Talisman has traveled from St. Croix to Maui and almost everywhere in between, and began it's life as part of a keychain, so it meets the criteria of repurposing, too.

The World is blessed with a great variety of awe-inspiring landscapes from coast to coast to coast. The National Wildlife Federation is working to protect these extraordinary places that are critical to the survival of America's wildlife.

Scientists are working far and wide and have helped to save some of the strangest and most endangered birds in the world from extinction. The kakapo, for instance, was facing extinction due to man's invasion of its habitat.

(National Wildlife Federation, 2011)
Experts in Glasgow have been instrumental in helping to boost its numbers by developing a food supplement to improve its breeding potential.

Environmental factors such as habitat clearance and the introduction of predatory animals caused numbers of the breed to dwindle to only 51 in 1995.
Kakapos breed infrequently as they feed their young on the fruits of the pink pine and rimu trees, which produce fruit every two to six years - so kakapos can only breed then.

During the years in between, the kakapo's natural diet consists of coarse leaves, grasses and herbs, which lack adequate nutrients for rearing chicks. 

You can be assured that 25% of the proceeds were set aside to help these beautiful citizens of nature remain for our children and their grandchildren to enjoy by reforesting and attempting to create safe safer havens for these birds to exist.

Looking to do more? National Wildlife Federation is currently recruiting volunteers for restoration and planting events, wildlife monitoring and surveillance and public speaking and education about the Gulf oil spill's impacts specifically and the importance of healthy wildlife habitats.

You can find out more:

You Can Help Restore The Balance Of Nature.  You Really Can.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raising The Roof on Emotional Consciousness

At the fabulous Grand Room Theatre in Maryland for my gal pal's film 

The Brookturn Co. & Missing Links 
celebrates all things  
Linking Art To Philanthropy and Sustainability 
with this private screening of "FreezerBurn The Movie" 
(starring Rachel Hunter, David Faustino, Rochelle Balin, Robert Hays, and Hal Linden 
among many others).
Light Refreshments Served
(On The Set Of FreezerBurn, 2011)
Before and after guests were treated to an advanced viewing of our latest confections prepared for, and to be presented finally in, Cannes at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.  ;-*  Our 'Yes Oui Cannes'  Limited Original Collection is full of sparkly goodies that are to be auctioned during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in order to benefit our featured organization for the month of May, We Want Peace. 

While we are promoting through facebook and welcome all virtual attendees, physical space to this private screening and philanthropic virtual trunk show was limited to 25 people, so thank you for joining us here as well for the philanthropic virtual version of our trunk show.  The future is so here now. Enjoy the video.

It was a Beautiful Sunday for it.

Happy you can share it with us here.  The cherry blossoms are out everywhere now....
(WashingtonByDay.com, 2011)

Lisa Lindo
Designer & CEO
Missing Links