Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview Reprint: Los Angeles Times

It's a packed night in Hollywood and the neighborhood's newest club, the Highlands, is crawling with industry folks. This is talent agent Lisa Lindo's party. For the past eight years, she has hosted this annual networking night for deal-hungry agents, producers, financiers, film distribution and script development reps who attended the Sundance Film Festival but didn't finish schmoozing.
(Lindo Exclusive, 2010)
This year's fete was believed to be the largest yet, with more than 1,500 gathering at the mammoth, multilevel club overlooking Hollywood Boulevard. The music is loud and the club is dark on this Monday night, but Lindo, in a knee-length suede coat and colorful beads, turns heads wherever she goes. She ushers people in with: "Go make friends."


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interview Reprint: Castles & Estates Magazine

(Castles&, 2007)
“Retired? Hmmmm.” The smile is infectious, but her words carry the weight of conviction of someone
who knows whereof she speaks. With a rich anecdotal style, and a loving eye, this lady-a-lounging starts to paint the picture that will become the next couple months of her life leading directly up to, and  including, her forray into the fortnight-du-Cannes. “I’m like Dennis Hopper in those commercials,” Lindo exclaims. “Only younger... and a helluva lot curvier!” she quickly adds with a wink. With seemingly unlimited resources of energy, impeccable personal style, a towering joi-de-vivre and a shrewd eye for all-things-beautiful, the youthful 42 year-old Lisa Lindo, former CEO and founder of Acme Talent & Literary (the 14 year old Hollywood talent agency) gives new meaning to the word “retirement.” From her Hawaiian hacienda just down the road from Oprah and overlooking the  twin-peninsulas of Maui, Lindo now runs a mini-empire of promotions, advertising and international special-events, focusing around the film-festival circuit.


Monday, October 3, 2011

I Heart Snow

'I Heart Snow' (#420)

For the newest collection from Missing Links, we've collaborated with celebrity infused social action campaign 'Green Means Go' which celebrates the tenants of Earth Day, every day.

#420, 'I Heart Snow,' with its multiple strands of white crystal seed beads and Silver Heart, Silver Leaf and Crystal Hanging Pearl Pendant, reminds us that we love the bright white cuteness of a polar bear cub and treasure that they are not yet completely extinct.  The United States is blessed with a great variety of awe-inspiring landscapes from coast to coast. The National Wildlife Federation is working to protect these extraordinary places that are critical to the survival of America's wildlife so please bid generously.

Polar bear by Lois Settlemeyer
(National Wildlife Federation, 2011)
LIKE MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS, Lois Settlemeyer traveled to Churchill, Manitoba, last year to see and shoot polar bears. She writes, “Since the early 1980s, the Churchill polar bear population has decreased 22 per cent and the decline has been directly linked to the ice breakup on Hudson Bay. Polar bears depend on sea ice for food and for survival. Climate change threatens their very existence.” The Washington State resident used a Canon EOS 40D and a 70-300mm lens for this portrait.

This is just one of the many one-of-a kind handcrafted pieces you can see and read about at:

Missing Links, a Limited Edition line from Lindo Exclusive, was created to combine art with philanthropy and sustainability.  25% of each and every sale from the "Green Means Go" Exhibit goes to the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization National Wildlife Federation of the United States, because what better gift is there then a a necklace from Missing Links that works to protect our wildlife.

Each month, we are proud to spotlight a DIFFERENT charity and focus awareness to raise funds through wearable art.  Each piece inspires and evokes dialogue about the regions and histories of these semiprecious stones.  Whether a gift for you, or someone you care about, your purchase lets you feel good about being fashion forward while making the world a more beautiful place.

Thank you for coming and learning.  And please share.  These are great causes to support.