Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interview Reprint: Castles & Estates Magazine

(Castles&Estates.com, 2007)
“Retired? Hmmmm.” The smile is infectious, but her words carry the weight of conviction of someone
who knows whereof she speaks. With a rich anecdotal style, and a loving eye, this lady-a-lounging starts to paint the picture that will become the next couple months of her life leading directly up to, and  including, her forray into the fortnight-du-Cannes. “I’m like Dennis Hopper in those commercials,” Lindo exclaims. “Only younger... and a helluva lot curvier!” she quickly adds with a wink. With seemingly unlimited resources of energy, impeccable personal style, a towering joi-de-vivre and a shrewd eye for all-things-beautiful, the youthful 42 year-old Lisa Lindo, former CEO and founder of Acme Talent & Literary (the 14 year old Hollywood talent agency) gives new meaning to the word “retirement.” From her Hawaiian hacienda just down the road from Oprah and overlooking the  twin-peninsulas of Maui, Lindo now runs a mini-empire of promotions, advertising and international special-events, focusing around the film-festival circuit.

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