Friday, February 4, 2011

We've Got Plenty Of Something

For years we've been accumulating, and acquiring, through acquisition after acquisition an agglomeration of beads.

Turquoise and yellow turquoise, carved beads.
Amassing stones and stockpiling them into congeries, securing a selection of semi-precious gems and crafted ceramic or glass blown beads made for colorful surprises when opening containers oft left dusty in a backroom. Sometimes lined with silver, or cut from naturally occurring elk horn we added only the genuine and unique, like naturally occurring Koa wood, or Freshwater pearls from restocking farms.   

Searching for more of a classic keepsake,
the eye will pause on beige.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, for almost a decade, shopping bags came home only to embarrassingly compile them into a mess of jars next to batches of assorted boxes, clumps of baskets and Martha Stewart storage cases.

Shopping trips usually served to amass anthologies of off the beaten track stories and an assemblage of adventures,  bringing together the needs to form a company and start bringing crowd attention to issues while offering something sparkly in exchange.

Lengths of luscious color
So very lucky to have one of the rarest and most valuable collections of beads, stones, and materials. Consider a Valentine's piece from Australian South Sea pearls mixed with golden South Sea pearls from the Philippines and Indonesia. 

If it is a custom-length necklace you are looking for, we offer pieces by the inch. Any length is possible, from 12 inches for an infant, to 200 inches for a red-carpet look.
(Maui Bead Shop, 2011)

Because one-of-a-kind is the meme, we are perfect for someone wanting to create their own piece, or simply looking for a lovely way to stand out an event.  

You'll be sure to get a compliment when your individual style is spotlighted.  Since 25% goes to charity, when someone tells you your pretty, you can tell them it's on the inside as well by sharing and introducing them to the cause you helped.

no one else will be wearing the Missing Link that you found, as no two of our pieces are the same.  So enjoy the ride, and check in often.

Lisa Lindo
EBay key words "Lisa Lindo Missing Links"